Media Planning 101: Follow Consumers, Not Convention

In today’s economy, media spending is being scrutinized more than ever and advertisers are scrambling to determine the most effective ways to reach their target audiences. While many continue to pour ad dollars into what they consider “safe” media like traditional TV, print and radio, a growing number of advertisers are bypassing conventional media and following consumers…to the gas pump.

It’s well known that the use of DVRs, iPods, PDAs and the Web is increasingly reducing the reach and effectiveness of TV, radio and print. Factor in the fact that people today spend more time out of the home than ever before, and it becomes clear that in order to reach and engage consumers effectively, media planners must “follow” them — i.e., know the daily habits and routines of their target audience, then deliver messages where they are likely to encounter them.

“Media planners and buyers need to step outside their ‘traditional comfort zone’ and implement plans that connect with the lifestyles and media consumption habits of today’s consumers,” says Paul Schmidt, PumpTop TV’s VP of Sales. “Every month, more consumers visit a gas station than any retail venue other than a grocery store; in fact, more than 70% frequent a gas station at least 6 times each month, so PumpTop TV provides an impactful, frequent opportunity for messaging to consumers.”

PumpTop TV, the nation’s largest “TV network” at fuel pumps, delivers five minutes of informative and entertaining programming to consumers on a 19-inch LCD screen mounted at eye level on each fuel dispenser at more than 750 gas stations. Advertisers on PumpTop TV are pleased with the medium’s proven ability to reach millions of adults during those five to six minutes of refueling — a natural “dwell time” when consumers are seeking an entertaining distraction.

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