MCRG to organise Media Workshop on Forced Migration

Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (MCRG) is organizing a special residential media workshop (8-13 October 2012) as part of its Tenth Annual Orientation Programme on Forced Migration. The workshop will include a field visit.

The objective of the workshop will be to sensitize journalists from diverse backgrounds – print, radio, television and the Internet – to the problem of forced migration and help them report more extensively on various aspects of the issue. Workshop participants will be able to interact with activists, policymakers and the victims of forced migration to form a rounded perspective.

MCRG will provide hospitality between 8 October and 13 October. The full cost of the field visit also will be borne by MCRG. However support for travel to and from Kolkata will not be provided.

Applications are invited by 5 July 2012 either by e-mail ( and or by post to: Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, GC-45, Salt Lake Sector III, Kolkata, 700 106, India (phone: 91-33-23370408; fax: 91-33-23371523). The application must include information on educational qualifications, professional experience, a curriculum vitae with full details, and should be supported with one reference letter. Preference will be given to media activists and journalists working on issues relating to gender, minority rights, social justice, and displacement. A registration fee of Rs 800 will have to be paid.

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