MAX and Mirchi to play guardian angels

Mumbai : Radio Mirchi and the official broadcaster of the DLF IPL, MAX will play guardian angels in the first week of the IPL season by helping listeners triumph over any kind of inconveniences that keep you from reaching home or enjoying a match.

With the sole goal to help the cricket-loving nation, Radio Mirchi RJs ask you how Mirchi can help you reach home quickly and how you would like to make the match watching experience on Max more pleasurable.

Mirchi will assist you in reaching home as early as possible, on the first few match days with a variety of services. If you are stuck in traffic, Radio Mirchi RJs will help you reach home quickly with the aid of cabs or even a helicopter!! Mirchi will order in pizzas for you if you want to enjoy the match with your wife and give her a break from the kitchen.

Mirchi listeners can win free shopping vouchers/movie tickets for their girlfriends/wives to indulge in their own fun as they savour the match in tranquillity. Mirchi and MAX also step into the realm of the unimaginable! Radio Mirchi RJs will actually speak to your boss if he does not let you leave early.

Lucky parents will have nannies sent to their homes to take care of their little ones, leaving them to watch the match in peace. One TV set at home? No problem, Mirchi will send you an extra TV set to facilitate enjoying the IPL in your own space! You can also win beanbags to relax in and turn on the action at full volume, all this courtesy Radio Mirchi and Max.

The cherry on the cake, Mirchi will help two lucky people, who really want to watch the DLF IPL in the company of their friends and family by presenting them with two air-tickets to fly to their home town anywhere in India and experience the match with their loved ones.

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