MasterChef India previews digital food bloggers

MasterChef-India--digital-fMasterChef India, which has been India’s biggest platform for amateur cooks and food magicians by fulfilling their food dreams and transforming their lives, is now back with its fourth season.

On the launch day of the show, the ‪‎MasterChef India 4 judges, Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar hosted an exclusive preview of the first episode along with a scrumptious lunch for the city’s digital food bloggers. It was the first time ever that Star Plus did an activity where digital bloggers were shown an episode before anyone else. Served alongside were conversations with the chefs on following your food dream and the platform that MasterChef India provides to those working in the culinary world.

High on Entertainment and unique in its vegetarian format, the foodies gave it a thumbs up and built an appetite for more servings. Sanjeev and Ranveer also spoke extensively about the preparation, training & grooming which goes into each contestant. The moments were captured in a ‘India’s most gourmand Selfie yet’ with the MasterChef Judges and city’s biggest foodies.

MasterChef India promises to glamourize food with its fourth season with spectacular visual styling and presentation, leaving audiences hungry for more. Continuing tradition of innovation on the show this season brings the first of its kind, an all vegetarian format. The vegetarian angle narrows the options and raises the pressure and test of skill making things way more challenging for the participants.

MasterChef India will bring together people with a flair for cooking from all walks of life and subject them to intense pressure and real life challenges. The MasterChef kitchen is an unique platform to acknowledge and encourage the culinary skills of passionate cooks and groom them to become ultimate professionals of their art. The format showcases that great cooking not only leads to great food, but also to some high voltage drama!

Tune into Star Plus to catch the 4th season of Amul presents MasterChef India, Mon- Sat 10:30 PM


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