Marketers Split on Future of Targeting

The importance of audience targeting is undeniable. In a PubMatic and
DIGIDAYa survey of North American advertisers and agencies taken in
March 2011, at least 70% of all respondent types indicated audience
targeting was more important than conceptual targeting for their digital

Research from AT&T AdWorks conducted in September 2011 found a
majority of marketers and agencies believe audience targeting will
completely replace content targeting in the future. But at 60% vs. 40%,
that view was far from universal.

One thing advertisers do agree on: They want better targeting. They also
believe various ad platforms will evolve to provide it. Those surveyed
by AT&T overwhelmingly thought the top way mobile marketing would
change in the coming years would be by allowing better targeting.

When the AT&T survey pool was asked about the changes interactive TV
would bring to the TV ad marketplace, the second-leading response also
rested on ad targeting, with 19% looking to purchase commercials based
on audience behavior rather than programming.


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