Manmohan Singh Assures Help to Indian Language Newspapers Association

Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has assured all sorts of help to the members of Indian Languange Newspapers Association . He addressed the association members in a function organised in Mumbai.

‘Ithink, if more is needed we would be very happy to sit together with editors and journalists from yours sector to find out what are the genuine difficulties which we ought to be seeking to redress. You have my assurence that we will work to that object. Our government, I assure you, will do whatever is necessary to help the development of Indian language media. I hope your association will articulate the hopes and aspirations of Indian language media and guide us as to how we can be genuine partners in progress in years to come. With these words, I wish your deliberations all success and I should say that I was greatly encouraged by the awards that have been given today they show, but a great promise and potential, the Indian language newspapers have been our country. May your try continue to flourish, may your path be blessed.” Manmohan Singh said.

Manmohan Singh also expressed his feelings for the downward trend in readership of print media .

‘There is concern all over the world over that the growth of television and internet threatens the survival of print media. In many countries, readership of newspapers is declining. Even in India, there is a deceleration in the growth of English language publications. Despite these developments, I am very happy to note that Indian language newspapers have bucked this trend. I am heartened to learn that the readership and circulation of Indian language newspapers is growing rapidly. I commend you for your efforts.’ Manmohan Singh said.

Prime Minister said that the growth of media has widened the choice available to your readers and viewers.

‘There is much greater variety, today, in terms of opinion and coverage. Depending on one’s outlook, income and interest, one can pick and choose a newspaper or a channel of one’s choice. Such diversity is always good in a democracy. I am also impressed by the quality of printing and production in Indian languages publication. All of this, we must celebrate. I am sure your organisation has reasons to feel satisfied about these impressive aspects of the growth of your profession’ he said.

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