Facebook page crosses 100,000 likes

Gurgaon: Launched in April, 2011, the facebook page has crossed 100,000 likes. The page was created exclusively for social media enthusiasts who are into the real estate space.

The page served as a platform for discussion and was able to make a deeper connect with people having similar interests in realty sector. The page is favored by social media savvy audience, as it not just engages them but also keeps them updated about the latest news and trends in the realty sector. Currently the page has 101,911 likes and over 12,000 users actively engaged. facebook page saw a very steady and consistent rise in the number of users. Constant sharing of realty news, research and updates is a crucial factor that has put the page on a popular front. page uses various hashtags to reach out to the users. The Page’s news related hashtages – MakaanNews, MakaanGyaan, MakaanIQ is used basically to share the realty trends, updates, tips and key research findings by the research team. MakaanTrivia popularizes the lighter side of the realty sector, which talks about interesting facts in the realty sector across the globe. The page often function as a platform for people to share their experiences, put across their point of views, interact with other users and share what they found interesting in the page, to their friends. The most popular hashtags are MakaanTrivia and MakaanGyaan.

Commenting about this milestone, Aditya Verma, EVP & CEO of said “We have been credited with path breaking initiatives in the Indian property market like Property Index (MPI), Buy Vs Rent Index (MBRI), Property Discussion Forums and Price Trends. Earlier in the year the company integrated Property Videos for the 1st time in Indian online space. Social media, like Facebook is our attempt of reaching out to a wider audience and reaching this milestone is an important indicator of the job well done.”

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