dons a New Look

New Delhi raises the bar once again with its new build, packed with features and tools that that have been created after intense user-research, client feedback and rigorous product development.

“Improving “discovery” of banners & property listings on our site & making “search” more user-friendly and simpler was always a priority item for us. The current build makes significant breakthroughs on these areas. We’ve also made changes to UI and site navigation & introduced features that not only enhance user experience, but improve user engagement and generate better responses to our customer.” explained Sudhir Pai, Business Head,

The new & enhanced features of take the portal’s usability to a whole new level of quality and comfort, empowering users with main search form – Improved on all home pages – now with a bigger & bolder layout that helps improve searches done & enhances results of user’s search behavior. The overall look, feel & colour of these pages has also been modified.

Global “Keyword” Search – The keyword search field now does many things – from installing the Auto-suggest and SpellChecking features made popular by Google – you can now search for localities, security, amenities, builder names, etc – all from this single search box.

Geo-targeted Contextual Banners & Galleries – Geo-Grouped Contextual banners now display sleeker & improvised inventories like Buttons, Banners and Developer Galleries on the basis of the city from where the user’s logged in. For instance, If you are logging from Mumbai, you will see Mumbai banners first. This change will enhance both the user experience & response for clients.

“New Project” Search Function– On the results page users now get detailed info within the listings & have user-friendly refine options on the left panel. This will also significantly improve user experience as well as client response.

“Home Worth” calculator – launched in Beta version. This calculator allows a quick assessment of the sale or rental value of a house. Find it under “Rate & Trends” dropdown on the main tab. This increases user engagement and should develop into user “delight” shortly.

Online Photo Cropping tool- is an easier method to upload photos on MB. With the File Size limit increased to 1MB Users will now find it much easier to crop & attach photos of their property while posting.

With a customer base of 6000+ clients,’s intuitive services and enhanced interactivity and have lead to a 200% increase in response and contacts through the site & the site currently delivers over 27 Million Pageviews a month.

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