Madhulika Sikka named NPR's Morning Edition EP

Long-time SAJA member Madhulika Sikka has been named executive producer of NPR’s “Morning Edition.”

Asked about the move, Sikka told SAJAforum: “I’m delighted that I will be able to continue to produce a show that has proved to be so relevant and valuable to millions of listeners every day. Morning Edition’s continued success is a testament to the value and necessity of a wide ranging daily magazine show in these times.”

“Starting today Madhulika Sikka officially takes over as Executive Producer of Morning Edition.As Deputy Executive Producer she has elevated both the journalism and production of Morning Edition. She has proved herself a skilled manager and generous mentor within the News Division. She has helped develop an integral relationship between desks and the show and I think you’ll agree that Morning Edition has never sounded better. As many of you know, she has brought a wealth of experience to NPR with her 25 plus years of award-winning broadcast journalism. She has been an enormous asset as we continuously re-define the role of Morning News at NPR. This promotion completes a transition which began when I was named Director of Morning programming,” Ellen McDonnell, director of NPR’s morning programming said.

Morning Edition, the two-hour newsmagazine airing weekdays and hosted by Steve Inskeep in Washington, D.C. and Renée Montagne from NPR West in Culver City, Calif., is public radio’s most listened-to program with more than 13 million weekly listene .

Source: SAJA

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