Macau Yellow Pages to Roll out .tel to all Customers

London :Telnic Limited , the Registry Operator forthe award-winning communications-focused .tel top level domain (TLD),announced today that Directel Macau Limited , the officialYellow Pages for Macau for the past 21 years, is the first Yellow Pagesorganization in Asia to provide .tel to all of its customers.

Directel Macau, which runs Macau Yellow Pages, one of the mostvisited websites in the country, will provide localized .tel services to allof its customers. The solution will include a Macau Yellow Pages-branded .telproxy page and both simplified Chinese and English versions of the content.This will provide its customers with an integrated and branded onlinepresence to use as a central point of contact, all managed by Macau YellowPages, and which is automatically optimized for mobile and traditional webaccess.

“We strongly believe that .tel will enhance our multi-platformstrategy and help us provide our clients with increasingly effective ways totarget their audiences in Macau and abroad,” said Oscar Sousa Marques, CEO ofDirectel Macau.

“By delivering this additional service to our customers, wewill be able to offer a simple and effective online presence which will servetheir needs in an effective and optimized way, regardless of how theircustomers wish to access and communicate with them.”

Ian Bowen-Morris, CMO at Telnic Limited, said: “We”redelighted that Macau Yellow Pages has taken the lead on recognizing how theintegration of .tel can enhance its existing customer value proposition. Thestrong combination of Directel Macau’s existing services combined with .telsignificantly increases visibility of its customers online and on mobiledevices, generating more contacts and sales leads. With the ability toprovide information in many languages simply and quickly, we believe will be a complementary and valuable tool in the suite of offerings thatyellow page providers can offer to the benefit of their customers.”

Directel Macau has been under contract from Companhia de Telecomunicacoesde Macau, the local telecommunications company, publishing the official MacauYellow Pages for the past 21 years. The print Yellow Pages are still one ofthe most effective local advertising media with a reach that almost coversevery citizen of Macau.

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