LoYakk launches social mobile apaplication

Mumbai: LoYakk is a social platform that facilitates conversations between people who are sharing the exact experience at the exact moment at any “place”. Conversations can now be based on location rather than prior personal relationships and one can now go beyond known ‘friends’ and ‘followers’.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, LoYakk was formed to enable in the online social world our real-life need for casual conversations leveraging location and without the constraints of prior social connections.

LoYakk, meaning Lo (cal) + Yak (king) = local yakking enables conversations for “places” – anywhere in the world and makes Places the center of social engagement. Places would be colleges, stadiums, festivals, towns or airports. Each place or venue has a set of channels created by LoYakk based on user feedback. ‘Venues’ and ‘channels’ can also be easily created upon user request.

With LoYakk, users can also “go” to any venue anywhere in the world and converse with people at a remote college, city, game or conference. It is now as easy to talk to someone just a short distance away from you in a public location as it is to cruise the world and chat with someone across the planet.

Users do not have to check-in, announce where they are or even register. LoYakk will auto-detect the user’s nearest venue and they can immediately start Yakking. Users can also choose to register and customize their profile. The LoYakk App is currently available on iPhone and Android phones. Users can also do all of this via the LoYakk web experience as well with the exception that posting via the web requires registration.

Founded by Salim Ali and Jitu Telang, the company is re-imagining online social behaviour and facilitating conversations with anyone residing in any part of the globe. Loyakk, Inc. has created a privacy policy in order to demonstrate their commitment to customer privacy. Spam, abusive and/or obscene posts will be regulated by the LoYakk User Community and LoYakk.

LoYakk aims to make the world a smaller place and has been called “a window to the world”.

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