'Lose to Win' contest Earns Kudos for BIG FM, Rajkot

BIG 92.7 FM Rajkot won accolades from its listeners for running the second round of “Lose to Win” contest, only this time it was tagged differently. This contest that challenged overweight listeners to lose weight during a specific period by taking to healthier eating and by improving their lifestyle was called ‘FAT to FIT’. The first round was held during Navratri which saw the winner take home Rs. 6500 in cash for losing 6.5 kg weight in 9 days of Navratri.

The ‘FAT to FIT’ contest began at the start of Diwali on Oct 28. Overweight listeners were given 15 days this time, to reduce weight by improving their lifestyle. The response was tremendous as people visited BIG FM studio in droves to register for the contest by registering their initial weight. There were quite a few participants that weighed over 100 kg ! During registration, they were given tips for losing weight like avoiding fried and sugar-rich food, consuming lukewarm water instead of refrigerated water, going on morning and evening strolls, the basic exercises in yoga like pranayam, kapalbhati etc.

They returned on Dev Diwali, exactly 15 days later looker fitter and smarter. BIG FM team marveled at how their small tips worked wonders for their listeners. Out of the 25 people who registered for the contest, an average weight loss was of 5 kg! And 3 people managed to cross the 10-kg threshold. The winners were all given exciting prizes like exercise machines, free membership to local gym, free coaching in sports like tennis, basketball etc and a recipe book containing healthy food recipes.

Commenting on this contest, Ashish Patel, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM – Rajkot, said, “This region of Gujarat is famous for its carefree lifestyle. This is however taking its toll on people’s health as they put on weight very easily and have no means to burn it out. Overweight is a leading cause for diabetes, strokes etc and we thought we should do something about it. Hence we began the various versions of the contest which basically aims at encouraging people to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle”.

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