Los Angeles Times Endorses Barack Obama for President

The Los Angeles Times has announced that it is endorsing Senator Barack Obama. It marks The Times’ first endorsement in a presidential election since 1972, when it backed President Richard M. Nixon’s re-election. Obama will become the first Democrat ever to receive The Times’ support.

The editorial can be viewed online and will appear in Sunday’s paper. The endorsement in the general election follows The Times’ announced decision two years ago to once again begin endorsing candidates for president. It was former publisher Otis Chandler who ended the paper’s practice 36 years ago, in part because he feared The Times had become too embroiled with the Republican Party. As a result, Nixon, who enjoyed a long and mostly friendly relationship with The Times, was the last presidential candidate to receive the paper’s support, though the paper has continued to endorse ballot measures and candidates for other offices.

In February, The Times endorsed in the presidential primary, urging Democrats to support Obama and asking Republicans to back John McCain. In
its general election endorsement of Obama, The Times lent its enthusiastic support to the senator’s historic presidential candidacy and argued that
Senator McCain had abandoned many of the positions that caused The Times to support him in the Republican primary.

As with all Times editorials, the endorsement is the work of its editorial board, nine writers and editors headed by Editorial Pages Editor Jim Newton under the supervision of Publisher Eddy Hartenstein. No news editors or reporters are involved in the crafting of editorials, including endorsements. The Times endorsement caps a week-long series on the leading issues in the campaign. Entitled “Position Papers for the Next President,” it began last Saturday and concludes tomorrow. The full series is available

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