Longest running feature on Radio City grows big

Mumbai/ New Delhi: The longest running feature on Indian radio is now longer, bigger and hilariously comical with Babbar Sher Mehfil every Saturday from 8 pm to 9 pm only on Radio City 91.1FM, country’s first and leading FM radio brand. The wittiest 3 minutes interstitial on Radio City 91.1FM, that starts with an eerie tune and a growl with an entire Shayaro ki Mehfil, which no one can miss, has now grown into a full fledged show of an hour. A celebration of Shayari’s!

Babber Sher, a concept so comical and amusing to the point of making giggling babies out, has been a truly outstanding entertainment for one and all. The radio’s craziest mandli of shayari with the harmonium played for effect has a man with a heavy north Indian accent reciting a hilarious sher with an equally funny Hinglish punchline adding to it is the growl GROWFF! Babbar Sher! Even crazier is the mandli’s senseless comments and questions, who always elicit praises and hail him for his genius.

There are many languages to express yourself and show your feelings, but the most effective and powerful way is of course the world of shayaris. And Babber Sher is the beautiful world of sher o shayri and creativity has become the joyride with its simplistic and effective humor. Radio City 91.1FM has created a unique place with its very own Babber Sher’s crazy shayarna andaz, in a complete ambience of festive celebration.

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