Location-Tagging Catches on for Social Posts

Mobile audience media company JiWire found that, among users of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots in Q2 2012, more than six in 10 tagged their social media status updates, photo uploads or other posts with their location.

Users’ likelihood of location tagging was heavily dependent on age, with as many as three-quarters of younger adults doing so. Among those ages 55 and up, taggers’ share fell to 44%. But even in the 35-to-44 age range, more than two-thirds of users tagged posts with their location, and more than half of 45- to 54-year-olds did so, too.

Facebook was the most popular social network among all respondents, with 91% using it, and 88% of that group said they location-tagged posts. More than seven in 10 Google+ users said the same, as did 68% of Twitter users and 60% of Instagram users. Demographic and behavioral profiles of those who location-tagged posts on the social sites varied in several ways.

What’s helping these users overcome general privacy concerns about location-sharing? Nearly half of respondents told JiWire that they location-tagged their posts in order to notify friends and family about where they were, while 31% said social sites simply make it easy to do so. Nearly a quarter, however, said they did not know why they engaged in the behavior. This could point to a novelty factor that might wear off over time, or be another symptom of the ease with which social sharing services encourage location-tagging.


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