LiveMedia Screens enhance people’s overall experience through quality content

A recent report released by LiveMedia and IMRB International shows that with the enhancement of quality and content, the time spent by consumers watching LiveMedia Screens has increased progressively. A total of around 3000 respondents were surveyed across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad where LiveMedia Screens where present. The report said that on an average, a person spends 45 minutes in a LiveMedia location and glances at LiveMedia Screens around 6 – 7 times during his visit with an average glance lasting up to 45 seconds, thus giving advertising messages a higher recall.

LIVEMEDIA screens are present in various restaurants, coffee shops, office cafeterias, gyms, salons, college cafeterias or even hospitals. Majority of the consumers said that they visited a LiveMedia location on an average of once a week.

Commenting on the Research, Rajan Mehta, Founder CEO of LiveMedia said, “the research clearly demonstrates that people’s lifestyles are changing. People are spending less time at home and more outside in destinations like offices, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, college cafeterias, gyms etc. LiveMedia therefore helps brands reach out and connect with the target audience in places where they are spending their time.” Ashish Karnad, Group Business Director (Media Division) of IMRB International for consumer research further added that “the research has made it clear that the effectiveness of this media depends upon the location, time spent by people in the locations and on the quality of Content being shown. LiveMedia certainly has a strong position on all three counts.”

Breaking down the demographics revealed that there is a skew towards youth, SEC A consumers with majority of them being males. The report also revealed that the demographic profile depends largely on the nature of the outlets e.g the nature of people visiting McDonalds versus Barista versus TGIF would be very different . It further revealed that working population dominates LiveMedia locations followed by students who make up slightly less than a quarter of the respondents.

The programs shown on these Screens are in the form of animated strips and are designed to suit the profile of people visiting these locations. Research further acknowledges that programmes like Make My Word, Yo Mousi and Horoscopes, amongst others enjoyed high recall among the Indian consumers. Respondents agreed that LiveMedia added to their stellar entertainment experience in places where the Screens were installed.

An extensive study was carried on to determine the effectiveness of the medium with brands registering an average total recall of 35 – 40 percent including aided recall. Average ‘top of the mind’ (TOM) recall for a brand was between 6 to 7. Average Unaided recall for a Brand averages between 15 – 20.

The respondents when asked about the visibility agreed that at least one screen was visible from the place they sat, signifying proper placement and sufficiency in the number of Screens. The visibility of Screens scored high & averages around 95%.

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