LiveMedia launches new branding initiative 'Logomania'

New Delhi: LiveMedia, India’s largest player in the digital destination media industry, has announced an addition in the line of programmes carried by its 5000 screens across 2500 locations in 70 cities, with the introduction of “Logomania”

This programme as the name suggests is built around guessing the logos of various brands and Companies and you can now enjoy it as you go to spend time in any of the restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, gyms, salons and office cafeterias where LiveMedia Screens are installed.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayur Raj, who was instrumental in creating the program, said, “Our feedback indicated that our audience likes to engage with the Screens and get intellectually challenged. ‘Logomania’ is built on that premise as friends, colleagues and family members watching our Screens, compete to be the first to identify these logos. It also helps the audience to enhance their general awareness levels about various brands and companies.

LiveMedia currently runs over 18 different branded programmes, including populars such as Make My Word, Yo Mousi, Humour Live, Dhakkan’s Diary, Kittty & Witty, Mr. Wise, Horoscope Live, Love Unplugged and Trivia .

Rajan Mehta, Founder and CEO of LiveMedia added, “It is our constant endeavour to provide a reason to people to turn their heads and look at our Screens. The fact that our Screens are placed only in Captive environments where people sit for an averge of 30 minutes helps ensure that the messages are well observed and absorbed by the audience”

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