announces winners of the Quick Tales Flash-Fiction Contest, the San Francisco based global blogging platform, has announced the winners of LiveJournal-Caferati Flash Fiction Contest.

The contest, on the theme ‘journal’, launched to seed the India Writing community on LiveJournal , received a tremendous response with a total of 1052 valid entries. A short-list of 134 entries, thanks to superb quality writing and the resultant tied scores, promised that the reputed panel of judges had their task cut out for them. For more on the top five winners and their story summaries, please refer to the note to the editor at the end of the release.

Present at Oxford Bookstore, New Delhi, to make the announcement, were Mr. Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, Director of Corporate Development, SUP, owners of and Mr. Suhel Seth, Managing Director, Counselage, marketer, writer and actor who read stories, from winning entries, to an absorbed audience.

An excited Manisha Anand, winner of the First Prize said “For me, it was not so much the prize, but the opportunity to reach my work to a discerning, global audience that was the pull. I think that India Writing is a great initiative to aggregate Indian writers from around the world, for them to share their works and learnings.”

Commenting on the contest, Peter Griffin, Joint Editor, Caferati, said, “Handling this contest was a big challenge. We had far more entries to deal with than we’ve had in any of our contests. As literary organisers and fledgling publishers, it was an absolute delight to see so much enthusiasm and talent, and as readers, much fun to encounter so much variety.”

Commenting on the occasion Suhel Seth, Managing Director, Couselage who takes up a post on the LiveJournal advisory board, said “I believe LiveJournal will be an effective platform for creativity to realize its aspirations in the space of words and word-craft. And some of the stories I read today, are indicative of the enormous potential that Indian writing has. I am delighted I was part of this experience and I trust this will become not just an annual feature but a valuable signpost for India and the literary world”.

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