Literacy rate widened media horizon : Ramesh Vinayak

Shimla : A Seminar on ‘Changing Face of Indian Media’ was organized here today to mark the National Press Day Celebrations by the Information and Public Relations Department. Vibhuti Narayan Rai, Vice Chancellor, International Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University Wardha and Ramesh Vinayak, Resident Editor, Hindustan Times were main speakers on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Ramesh Vinayak, Resident Editor, Hindustan Times outlined the need for introspection.

“Media has undergone profound changes and new media had expanded considerably in the last two decades. Despite many constraints media has always been vibrant, vigilant and expanding. Increased literacy rate has helped in widening the horizon of both print and electronic media,” Ramesh Vinayak said.

Mr Vinayak said that at present there are more than 7,000 newspapers and 53,000 magazines and more than 300 TV channels out of which about 80 were news channels. He said that according to National Readership Survey Data, the print media readership had increased by 4 percent during last five years and 25 millions new readers have been added in the last two years. There are 68 million cable and satellite channel viewers and India was the fourth largest internet user country.

Vinayak stressed for maintaining credibility and added that media has to work as a crusader and guide for the society. He said that in the pre-independence days journalism was a mission then it became a profession.

P.C. Lohumi, senior journalist said that technology has revolutionized the entire media scenario. He said that any erosion to the credibility of media could be a threat to the society itself.

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