Linekong Wins Two Jin Ling Awards

Linekong ,Chinese Online Game Enterprise has announced that it has won two prestigious Jin Ling Awards . Linekong is a respected third-generation leading enterprise and was awarded two important honors i.e. The Most Popular Online Game -¨C ‘ The Legend of Kungfu’ and the Best Original Online Game -¨C “Warrior King” .

Jin Ling Awards have been recognized as the highest honor for the Chinese online game industry. This was the first time for Linekong to participate in Jin Ling Awards. In the past, listed companies have monopolized all of the awards but this year a 300% increase in voting made the competition even fiercer than it has ever been. During the 8 weeks of selection, “The Legend Of Kungfu” and “Warrior King” consistently led in their respective categories. With these two awards for excellence, Linekong has successfully showed the strength of the third-generation online game enterprise.

Linekong opened its doors when it gained $10 million U.S. dollars of investment from IDGVC. In May, 2008, Linekong accepted a total of $25 million additional joint investment from Northern Lights ventures and NEA. Relying on the support of capital market, Linekong has sufficient resources to compete in the gaming market going forward. On December 26, 2007, Linekong launched the first Kungfu turn-based online game, called “The Legend of Kungfu” and proudly marched onto the domestic online gaming market. Less than a year later, Linekong has five products in various genres, including 2D, 3D, turn-based, ARPG, casual game and others.

Wang Feng, the CEO of Linekong, said, “The next three years will be the golden period for development of third-generation online game enterprises. The best times are still ahead of us. The traditional listed companies’ ‘monopoly’ status will face enormous challenges.” After one year of rapid development, Linekong is fully trusted by consumers and has been unanimously endorsed by the gaming industry. Linekong has set a benchmark for third-generation online game enterprises. Their excellent product strategy, creative “independent producer system,” professional team and wealth of products will help Linekong keep their advantage during the coming fierce competition.

Liao Mingxiang, the vice-president of Linekong, said, “With the rapid development of the Chinese online gaming industry, the competition in the level of marketing and sales has been intensified. Relying on product advantages, Linekong will occupy a more favorable position in the market going forward. This time, two products of Linekong won the Jin Ling Awards. These two important awards not only gave us recognition from the players, but they also encourage us to adhere to our ‘products and talents’ as our core strategy. Later this month we will disclose the company’s major product information to the players to show our excellent R&D strength. Please look forward to our news.”

Linekong is a young interactive entertainment enterprise founded in March of 2007. The Company is specialized in the development and operation of online games. Linekong has built a perfect R&D center, an operation and service center, and a marketing and sales network all over China. The company has many large online games such as “The Legend of Kung Fu,” “Hero,” “Journey to the West,” “Warrior King” and “Super Adventurer” and its products can be categorized as turn-based games, ARPGs and casual games.

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