Lee Cooper Launches 'Autumn Winter collection' campaign

Lee Cooper , a 100 year old British brand has launched the ‘Autumn Winter collection’ campaign which propagates the brand idea of Discrimination by Design. This is done through a series of pictures that show members of the Lee Cooper Clan ganging up and punishing an uncool, unstylish commoner.

The commoner has been tied to a stake in one of the pictures. Yet another picture shows the Œcommoner¹ on his knees, his hands tied while his masters¹ stand around him. The third picture shows the commoner tied to a tree, and is about to receive lashings from a clan member.

the pictures will be high on style, attitude and fashion quotient. Which is why the pictures will be treated in an unrealistic manner. The aim is not to generate revulsion in the audiences mind but rather be seen as edgy and Full of attitude.

There will be no blood shown. Even the commoner who is supposedly being punished will not show pain on his face. All the models will be posed looking into camera. What this will ensure that the pictures look fashionable rather than sinister.

This is not gory – it is just a portrayal of a stylish v/s unstylish battle, something that should come naturally to a fashion brand.

Lee Cooper is a 100 year old British brand. Through the years, they have been at the forefront of English fashion and have given the world some of its firsts, like colored denims. Lee Cooper has often dictated fashion. And they have done so not quietly, not in whispers, but loudly, emphatically and without mincing any words or pulling their punches.

The world is increasingly becoming a tame, guarded place. Where you have to think twice about what you say and what you do. We have been brought up to believe that all men are born equal and therefore are equal. The world believes that there should be no discrimination between two people. Lee Cooper begs to differ.

Inequality still exists in the world in many forms. But it is of a different kind. People discriminate, they form groups and exclude people from them on the basis of their clothes, the cars they drive, the kind of music they listen to, the films they see, the books they read. This is the kind of inequality that Lee Cooper believes in.

Lee Cooper believes in discrimination. Lee Cooper believes in the class system, Lee Cooper believes that while two men might be born equal they do not live to be equal. Lee Cooper believes in inequality. An inequality not by birth, but by style. An exclusivity that comes not of race, creed, sex or nationality, but of your clothes, your style and your attitude.

And having made that distinction, Lee Cooper does not believe in peacefully co-existing like lambs. Lee Cooper believes that the uncool must be identified and exposed, made aware of them being uncool. In the streets, in clubs, in their homes. And there is only one way out. For the uncool to join the Lee Cooper clan and believe in the Lee Cooper way of life.

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