LaunchPad Media Launches 'Recession-Proof Your Marketing'

LaunchPad Media, a Massachusetts based creative agency , has launched a blog about web marketing, “Commentary for your Cranium” at

Three commentaries are featured, “Recession-proof your marketing,” “Multimedia producers – what do we do, and why” and “Creating websites for children.” Alex Poulos, cofounder and executive producer of LaunchPad, wrote the commentaries.

“Recession-proof your marketing” explains that companies use online tools to produce leads and generate sales more cost-effectively than traditional advertising.
“Search Engine Optimization is an inexpensive way to attract new consumers searching for coupons, sweepstakes, recipes, games, advice or e-community,” Poulos wrote. “And online coupons have more appeal in a recession. Bargain-hunters surf and seek with a vengeance.

“Interactive, motion graphic ads have more impact than print ads. In a recession, when consumers are reluctant to spend, it’s an amazing advantage to be able to move people from curiosity to commerce in a few clicks.

“Games help make a site ‘sticky.’ In a recession, consumers need to be cheered up and they appreciate free entertainment. Contests and sweepstakes are also effective. Rewards are more alluring in a recession. And in a time when everyone is feeling financially pinched, it’s more likely that friends will email friends to let them know about a chance to win prizes.”

The commentary, “Multimedia producers – what do we do, and why,” highlights the personal qualities that make a producer successful.

Poulos was named one of the top 30 producers in the U.S. by AV Video Multimedia magazine. He has produced: live events, including National Sales Meetings and the installation of the President of Harvard; national TV spots for Hungry-Man, starring NFL players; and websites for national companies like Duncan Hines, Abbott Labs, and Liberty Mutual.

The commentary, “Creating websites for children,” explains the challenges in designing for kids. “Pictures are worth more than a thousand words when a child’s vocabulary is less than 1,000 words. The picture is worth even more when it’s in motion. Kids love fantastic, funny animation.

“A great kids’ site is like a treasure map – it holds the promise of treasure for those who seek it, but it gives the curious the satisfaction that they discovered and dug it up themselves.”

LaunchPad is an award-winning creative agency specializing in interactive media production – creating websites and driving traffic to them through advertising, search optimization, and public relations. Headquartered in Watertown, MA, LaunchPad serves clients throughout the U.S.

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