Lalit Pandit appears on Sunset Samosa’ of Radio Mirchi

Mumbai : The ‘Munni badnaam hui’ music director Lalit Pandit on Friday appeared on ‘Sunset Samosa’ evening show of Radio Mirchi’ Mumbai.

Accompanied by singer Makarand Patankar, Lalit Pandit launched a World Cup song ‘Come on India, let’s go India’, exclusively on the Mirchi airwaves to cheer our Indian cricketers to achieve the Cup of Glory.

The ICC World Cup 2011 started on 19th February and excitement is running high. Spirited discussions about teams and their cricketing expertise are heard everywhere. And what better way to participate in this fervour and cheer your team than by armed with a vigorous, hearty song that will rekindle your feelings of admiration and support for your favourite cricketers and urge them to give their best in the World Cup this year. Lalit Pandit’s song, sung with gusto by Makarand Patankar, was launched on Sunset Samosa with RJs Meera and Suren.

Launching the song on air, the soft-spoken and talented Lalitji revealed interesting nuggets of information when he said, “This is a very spirited and lively song and everyone, from our cricketers to the Mirchi listeners will feel energised when they hear it. Also, this being Sachin’s last World Cup, I have tried to create an eternal tribute to the great cricketer and the undying passion of our Team India”. The veteran music composer also credited the inspiration behind this song to his assistants, who he said, are big cricket lovers and gave him this unique idea.

The man who made the song special with his robust voice, Makarand Patankar, was heard sharing the excitement on Sunset Samosa, The singer commented, “It is a very joshilay, joshbhara song. Lalit is a great composer and he has created another gem with this song”.

The evening reached a glorious culmination, when Lalitji, Makarand sang ‘Come on India, let’s go India’ along with RJs Suren and Meera. The melodious duo was greeted with lots of calls from their fans who appreciated this ‘sporty’ endeavour.

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