Komli Media Launches ViziSense

Komli Media, India’s leading digital advertising and technology company, has announced the launch of ViziSense Beta , India’s first free and open online audience measurement platform.

ViziSense is an exhaustive audience measurement platform that can be used to look up audience and traffic statistics for any Internet site accessed from India. ViziSense allows advertisers, media agencies and publishers free and equal access to demographic and traffic data for any of these websites. The demographic data includes attributes such as age, gender, income, education, internet usage, and marital status.

In the current Indian Internet landscape there is lack of accurate and reliable audience data. Media planners have until now lacked easy and ready access to audience demographics and traffic data, leading to difficulties in effectively planning media spends. Publishers, in turn, have been unable to provide advertisers with independent statistics about the composition of their site audience and their site activity. ViziSense expects to fill this gap.

“ViziSense is a great alternative to expensive measurement solutions. The rich audience level data will help strengthen my pitch to the advertisers,” states V.V. Raju, Founder & CEO of Way2SMS.com.

Vivek Pahwa, Founder of Gaadi.com says, “As a publisher, ViziSense gives me critical information about my site audience that is incredibly useful to my sales team and me, since it allows us to reach more relevant advertisers and vice versa. This is an extremely useful tool.”

Going forward, advertisers and media agencies can benefit with improved audience targeting capabilities leading to more effective online media campaigns as publishers can now provide enhanced usage data about their site audience.

Amar Goel, CEO & Founder of Komli Media said, “We’re confident that as an open audience measurement platform ViziSense will be of great value to the entire online industry. This freely available audience information will be accessible by all, thereby allowing advertisers to spend more on the Internet.”

Detailed audience information on ViziSense is derived from three sources: a panel of over 10,000 users representing a large cross section of the Indian Internet audience, data from publishers representing millions of consumer interactions, and census data.

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