Klaassen Named Advertising Age Editor

New York: Abbey Klaassen has been promoted to editor of Advertising Age as part of a broader reorganization of Ad Age editorial management. Ms. Klaassen had served as executive editor since December.

Judann Pollack has been promoted to executive editor, from managing editor. Ken Wheaton was named managing editor, from assistant managing editor.

“With Abbey, Judy and Ken assuming key editorial leadership roles at Advertising Age, we have never been better prepared to help our readers understand and deal with the complexities of the advertising marketplace as well as to formulate new services to help readers do their jobs more effectively,” said Rance Crain, editor-in-chief of Ad Age and president of Crain Communications Inc. “I am very proud to be working with them.”

“When we named Abbey executive editor in December it was with full intention of formally naming her editor within the year,” said Allison Arden, VP-publisher. “It is a great pleasure to make this announcement now and recognize Judy and Ken for the incredible work they do for Advertising Age and our industry.”

Ms. Pollack has been with Ad Age since 1985, and has had editorial positions between New York and Chicago, including managing editor of Ad Age International, New York deputy bureau chief and Chicago bureau chief. She was named managing editor in 2000.

Mr. Wheaton joined Ad Age in 2000 and has served a variety of roles, including copy editor, features editor and, most recently, assistant managing editor, editing the Viewpoint section and several of Ad Age’s blogs. He’s also the author of the novel “The Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival.”

Ms. Klaassen joined Ad Age in 2005 and was Ad Age’s digital editor until her promotion to executive editor in December.

“Abbey has shown over the past six months that she is exactly the right editor at the right time for us,” said David Klein, publishing and editorial director. “But it’s incredibly important to us to have the right team overseeing our strategy, and Judy and Ken have been the true linchpins over the past year keeping us operating at such a high level.”

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