Kiran Bedi appointed No Marks brand ambassador

India’s first woman IPS officer Dr Kiran has been appointed brand ambassador by Ozone Ayurvedics, the FMCG arm of Ozone Group , which produces No Marks cream .

Re 1 from every tube of No Marks sold will be contributed towards Dr Bedi’s charitable trust for rehabilitation of drug abused children, prison reforms and education and cultural development of the under-privileged.

The campaign will also promote three new product ranges for different skin types and age-groups in the organic product No Marks’ portfolio. Ozone Ayurvedics has budgeted Rs 20 crore for the promotional activities.

A TVC featuring Dr Bedi broke on March on all general entertainment channels, along with some news and regional channels. The 20-second long TVC has voiceovers in English and Hindi. The creatives have been done by 4th DIMC, while the production house is Kailash Picture Co of Kailash Surendranath.

SC Sehgal, Chairman & Managing Director, Ozone Group, said, “I believe that in the advertising world claims made are larger than life, thus it becomes imperative that we first know who we are and then put lifesize expectations in front of our consumers. Hence, we would like to redefine the concept of advertising.”

On the choice of Dr Bedi, he said, “The reason for choosing Dr Bedi as our brand ambassador is also because we believe in honesty, and she epitomises that honesty. We want to deliver what we promise. Creating the perception of sincerity is what we consider advertising.”

Dr Bedi commented on her role in the campaign, “For me, No Marks stands for absolute purity as it is proven organic. The manner in which No marks has redefined beauty is what I like most. It stands for blotless beauty, which is external as well as internal. Besides, it is also supporting the causes that I work towards.”

On her future association with the brand, Dr Bedi said, “I plan to continue my support and strengthen the spread of the No marks concept of beauty for a more confident and integrated society.”

Source: Bombay Adclub

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