Kinley Unveils ‘Vishwas Karo’ Communication Initiative

Coca-Cola India has announced the launch of the new integrated marketing communication initiative “Vishwas Karo” (Start trusting) for its packaged drinking water Brand- Kinley. The latest communication takes the core idea of ‘Trust’ to a next level by urging people to start trusting in their inherent goodness and let go of their suspicion and disbelief. The communication emphasizes on the fact that decision to choose trust over doubt has the power to transform our lives. The all new communication is an extension of Kinley’s earlier campaign “Boond-Boond Mein Vishwas” (Trust in every drop) and is designed to Kinley is all set to have a broader conversation that touches life at large. In-addition to leveraging mass media, integrated communication plan also includes Out-of-Home media and a range of on-the-ground initiatives.

According to Avinash Pant, Director – Still Beverages, Coca-Cola India, “Kinley is among the most trusted packaged water brands in the country today. Kinley has over the years established a strong consumer connect by communicating the core benefit of trust through the ‘Boond Boond Mein Vishwas’ campaign. The latest communication ‘Vishwas Karo’ takes forward the same conversation of trust to a higher platform and touches life at large. It brings forward Kinley’s belief that a little bit of trust can restore faith between people, within oneself and in the basic goodness of life at large. We are looking forward to greater heights in the Kinley Journey.”

The latest communication “Vishwas Karo” for Kinley has been designed to take the core benefit of ‘Trust’ offered by Kinley since its inception to a higher platform. The campaign has been conceptualized by Ajay Gahlaut, Creative Head, Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi and directed by Vinyl Mathew of Foot Candles. Carolisa Monterio of ‘Rock On’ fame has lent her voice to the emphatic jingle. The powerful lyrics are contributed by, Amitabh Bhattacharya, renowned lyricist.

Commenting on the creative idea behind the campaign, Ajay Gahlaut, Creative Head, Ogilvy & Mather said, “There comes a tipping point in a brand’s life cycle that allows it to bear a larger mantle. Not every brand reaches that point as few maintain the kind of consistency in vision and expression that makes them synonymous with the message they put out. For almost a decade now, Kinley has stood for trust in every drop (Boond-Boond Mein Vishwas). In fact Kinley today can be synonymous with trust. In this day and age, most of us have not only stopped trusting each other but even our own instincts. The new communication from Kinley thus urges people to rediscover trust in each other.”

The latest communication ‘Vishwas Karo’ is a beautiful montage of slice of life situations The film is a montage of slice of life situations where one is forced to choose between trust and mistrust, and where the decision to “trust a little” helps restores self-belief and faith between people.

The same thought has been captured in the film which takes us through the clichéd situations of life. For e.g. at a hunger strike demonstration where the very decision to trust resolves the fear and differences of people and brings them closer. The emphatic jingle in the background ‘Vishwas kar tere vishwas par, Karle ab hosla… shak se ghira kyo hai bhala” aptly portrays Kinley’s belief that our willingness to trust can restore our faith in people and within oneself in the basic goodness of life at large. The film ends showcasing an old man who manages to finish the marathon purely because in the moment of doubt he chooses to trust himself, in line with the communication, ‘Kinley- Vishwas Karo” .

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