King Partners Mochi Media to Enable Publishers to Profit From Online Games

King , the world’s leading online social gaming company, has announced a partnership with Mochi Media , the world’s largest online games network, to provide website publishers new ways to generate revenue through online games. In addition to the thousands of games already available to them, publishers in Mochi Media’s MochiAds network will now be able to access and distribute King’s portfolio of skill-based games.

“The casual gaming industry has become an increasingly valuable space, as publishers and advertisers are recognizing the popularity and widespread appeal of online casual games,” said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO, King. “King is one of the world’s largest online social gaming sites; we continue to maintain this position by driving innovation in the industry from both the consumer and the business perspective. This partnership is testament to that commitment and has the potential to transform the way that publishers monetize consumers in the gaming space.”

King’s partnership with Mochi Media leverages Mochi Media’s expertise in distributing games across the Internet through its extensive publisher community. Through the MochiAds product, publishers can easily search, browse and add free ad-supported games to their sites and receive a portion of the ad revenues generated. With the addition of King’s skill-based gaming content to the MochiAds catalog, publishers will benefit from a new category of gaming content, as well as new monetization opportunities.

“Mochi Media is committed to providing a world class selection of free online games to Web publishers, as well as the tools to effectively monetize that content,” said Jameson Hsu, CEO, Mochi Media. “Partnering with King enables us to broaden the variety of our games catalog, providing our publishers new opportunities for monetization.”

King’s industry-leading breadth of exclusive branded games includes The Biggest Loser, Deal or No Deal and 1vs100 as well as popular casual game titles such as Bejeweled 2, Luxor and Cake Mania.

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