Kids hijack ‘Salaam Namaste’ on Radio City Hyderabad

Mumbai: School days are the most fun-filled days of our life, dearly loved and missed by all. Given a chance, who wouldn’t like to take a ride back to those wonderful days! This is exactly what happened in Radio City Hyderabad as kids fresh from their long summer vacation hijacked breakfast show ‘Salaam Namaste’. They have been creating magic all week long this week, from 25th to 30th June, as they come up with the most unique discussions on any topic under the sun.

Radio City’s RJ Sashi actually went to a few of the schools around the city to connect with the kids & know the most interesting things that they enjoy about their school. The kids opened up in candid conversation with RJ Sashi on ‘Salaam Namaste’ each morning like only kids can do. Topics as diverse as the city’s traffic woes to movies to what would one do if he was made the Chief Minister for a day, were discussed on air in their own fun style!

Kids discussing their experience about the city’s traffic in their own unique style amplified the cuteness quotient of the show. On the other hand, ‘Nuvva Nena’ (You or Me?) which is a ‘battle of the sexes’ segment in which young boys and girls battled it out over who’s better took the show to an altogether different level. The clarity of thoughts and enthusiasm shown by the little ones was really noteworthy and going to stay with our listeners for long.

Radio City 91.1 FM has always looked for ways to entertain its listeners in the most innovative formats. ‘School Days’ is one such initiative that takes one back to the school days rekindling nostalgia.

Stay tuned to Radio City 91.1 FM every morning from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 11 am to catch the morning action with RJ Sashi in Hyderabad.

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