Kate Silverton to Present BBC TV News

Kate Silverton is to take on a number of presenting and reporting roles across BBC TV News.Kate, who currently presents on BBC News 24 and BBC Breakfast, will take over presenting the One O’Clock News on BBC One when Sophie Raworth goes on maternity leave in the New Year and will also launch the new 8pm news update on BBC One.

The new 90-second update on the day’s major stories is additional news output from BBC network and nations/regions news which will be broadcast in the 8pm slot, which generally has the highest available audience on BBC One.

Kate will combine her new roles with work on a number of other journalistic assignments at home and abroad including more special reports for BBC One’s Panorama.

Her previous reports for the programme have included investigations into flood prevention and the consequences of delayed motherhood and falling birth rates and fertility in the UK.

Following her reportage from Iraq this year, Kate will also carry out more foreign assignments. Peter Horrocks, Head of the Multi-Media Newsroom, announcing the new roles said: “Kate is a journalist with great warmth and versatility.

“These new roles give her an opportunity to report and present across our news programmes on BBC One. From hosting the One O’Clock News, one of our major TV bulletins, to the in-depth analysis of Panorama, to updating viewers at peak time, Kate is one of the few broadcasters who is able to adapt to the different challenges of each role.”

“I am delighted with the whole range of new challenges BBC News has offered me. It is professionally exciting to have the opportunity to work on output as diverse as Panorama, foreign reporting, factual entertainment and presenting major bulletins.” Kate Silverton said .

In the last year Kate has not only worked on Panorama, she has reported from Iraq, Lesotho and from LA for the Oscars.She is well-known to BBC One viewers from BBC Breakfast and to a wider audience after Ultimate Wild Water where she abandoned the safety of her BBC studio to embark on an adrenalin-fuelled journey of discovery through Britain’s fastest flowing rivers and most turbulent seas.

Kate has had a varied career, working as a corporate financier in the City before changing direction to work in the media.She trained as a broadcast journalist with the BBC in Newcastle and was later recruited by Tyne Tees Television to work as a reporter and newsreader alongside the region’s anchorman Mike Neville for the main evening news.

Kate anchored 3D, a political debate programme for Sky TV, as well as BBC Radio Five Live’s Weekend Breakfast show with Brian Alexander.She joined BBC News 24 in 2004 and has hosted a number of programmes on the channel as well as reporting from a variety of places.

Kate graduated from the University of Durham with a BSc in Psychology. She studied Arabic and Middle Eastern history for a year, fuelling an interest in Middle East politics following a stay on a Kibbutz in Israel and then travelling with Bedouin tribesmen in Egypt.

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