Katchi Brings new zest to out of home media in Malaysia

Asia-Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia– Katchi, an Out-Of-Home (OOH) media specialist formerly known as Ströer Malaysia, announced its rebranding at a Press Conference recently, which marked the continuing rejuvenation of the OOH industry that optimizes reach to the mobile target audience through innovative media technology. Every type of business from entertainment and amusements to retail, travel and consumer goods is engaging some kind of OOH either on its own or as part of a media mix, hoping to cash in on its top selling points of visibility and exposure.

As it becomes increasingly challenging to captivate audiences fragmented across dozens of available channels on TV and with so many publications of newspaper and magazines to choose from, advertisers are finding it impossible to overlook OOH’s effectiveness as brand builders to create products and services awareness as you cannot switch them off, turn to another channel or flip a page. Responding to this boom in interest, OOH, once limited to mainly a flat and static one-way message, has utilized progressions in technology and design to afford a continuous interactive experience. A main attraction of the premium and cutting edge outdoor channels, Katchi offers pioneering network advertising with capacity to more efficiently reach mobile target audiences with its coverage and repetition.

“It’s the next wave in OOH communications,” affirmed Katchi GCEO and Head of Business Development Asia, Ms Marceline Lemarié.

Marceline’s exciting inception of Katchi comes slightly over three years after first setting foot into Malaysia in 2007 to start up Stroeer Malaysia Sdn Bhd – part of German OOH specialist Ströer Out-Of-Home Media AG Group, a Top 5 in the World award-winning OOH company. Despite the relatively young history, for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 respectively, Stroeer Malaysia operations were voted as the second preferred Out-of-Home company in Malaysia, outshining some of the more established players according to an independent survey conducted by Advertising + Marketing magazine.

A new place, a new look, a new name; but the people, the vision and the commitment remain the same. This rebranding is necessary to keep pace with global developments and came at an opportune time as Katchi readies for the next growth phase.

“Katchi’s OOH offerings are built on French finesse marketing; supported by reliable German research, technology and design; styled and expressed in a warm and adaptive Asian way-and funded by cold hard American Dollars, and is set to spread its wings across Asia. Now that’s successful globalization at work,” quipped Marceline, herself being of French-Indonesian lineage. Moving to Germany in her formative years provided Marceline –who speaks fluently in six languages – a world view on understanding people and cultures. She also spent years working in Germany and France, developing a prized appreciation for the local business culture and social environment.

“Malaysian’s are so full of life. Every day, one indulges in a feast for the senses – whether enjoying the festivities of ethnic celebrations, glorious cuisine or simply marvelling at the undeveloped rural or artfully designed urban landscape,” she observed. “I want to reflect this heritage responsibly with this new endeavour.”

Katchi aims to leave an attractive imprint on the various cities and towns in which it operates, by embellishing the richness of the surroundings with a larger yet minimalistic aspect of style which accentuates the vivacity of advertisements displayed. The Katchi brand name (pronounced “Catch Eye”) plays on words to indicate its variety of advertising mediums which are ideally sized, elegantly designed and sophisticated scrolling boards that have been tailored to showcase creative ads at eye level to demand maximum attention.

A harmonizing blend of past and present is evident in the colours of Katchi’s logo, with green representing its investors, Oaktree Capital Management, one of the biggest Private Equity Company in the US. The orange colour is a tribute to former parent company Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG Group, as Katchi intends to retain its solid foundation of German technology. However, the inverted ‘i’ at the end forming an exclamation point clearly announces something new has arrived, and is here to stay fuelled by passion, vim and vigour to contribute to the burgeoning OOH market.

Katchi’s advertising mediums are not as expensive as might be expected. “Our boards may be negligibly more expensive on a per board basis compared to traditional billboards, but our rental fees are cheaper by almost half in terms of exposure ratio per month due to our high number of board faces in various strategic locations,” explains Marceline. “For example, our extensive Mega Light network presence is spread out over 58 locations in KL with 66 marketable faces; and that’s just to name one of our networks,” she elaborated, adding, “Of course we do offer the Classic Boards or traditional billboard medium of various sizes as well, which can be spotted around cities and towns like KL, Ipoh, Klang, Kuantan and Alor Setar.”

These and other networks, discernable by their size, design and technological functions etc., have appeared around Malaysia like an artist’s careful brushstroke of daffodils, beautifully illuminating an unperturbed landscape. Once fully commissioned Katchi will have over 5,000 of varied advertising billboards of different sizes including some ‘intelligent’ ones like our showcase Mega Lights carefully spread out and deployed to drive maximum return on investment for our valued clientele.

Katchi’s commitment in beautifying cities they work with include putting up, all cost borne by Katchi, 300 public-service oriented directional road signage and building 1,300 transport shelters for the convenience of the general public. Coupled with fulfilling its social obligations, to protect the environment Katchi insists on using eco-friendly materials and ink for the posters in their boards. “At Katchi, every client is viewed as part of a bigger social obligation,” shared Marceline. In addition to private clients, Katchi is anticipating regional sales partnerships with leading media agencies as well as municipal contractual partners.

Marceline is confident the induction of Katchi will go off without a hitch. “Clients can be rest assured that on the operations side, it will be business as usual,” she confirmed. “Although they may notice a spark of something different, a certain je ne sais quoi as the French say. Certainly Katchi brings a more youthful and vibrant spirit to refresh OOH in Malaysia, and it will be interesting to see what changes this will demand of the industry, competitively.”

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