Kansai Nerolac launches new campaign to encourage Healthy Homes

Mumbai: Kansai Nerolac, one of India’s forerunners in the paint industry has launched a new brand campaign ‘No VOC No Gadbad’ that aims at educating consumers on the side effects of the VOC (volatile organic chemicals) in paints. The three fold brand campaign that comprises of TVC’s, Print ads and direct outreach to the customers was unveiled on September 10 and will feature brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, highlighting the importance of healthy living.

The campaign ‘No VOC No Gadbad’ was launched with the unveiling of the first of the two series TVC on September 10th with brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan talking that there is more to look while choosing paint for your home not just colors , designer looks and attractive designs .

TVC is briefing consumer harmful effects of the use of VOC paints and the likely hood of paint companies hiding the ill effects from the consumers. The second part of the TVC is to be released on 25th September, which further talks about the VOC emission from the freshly painted walls and need of monitoring indoor air quality. As a part of the campaign, Kansai Nerolac also introduced a nouvelle concept, where consumers and fans of Shah Rukh Khan could call him on 022 3310060 to seek details on healthier and safer paint and get connected to Nerolac home painting services and also acquire knowledge on the ill-effects of VOC.

One could also visit their website for more information. Also Nerolac fans on the Facebook page will get regular post on how to décor house with healthier and safer paint.

“We have always encouraged healthy and safer living and with this campaign, we aim at educating the need for checking about VOC content while choosing paints, VOC in paints can be harmful. Also paints are not just choosing a color or design it is a lot more than just beautification. This innovative concept aims at reaching out to the end consumers across strata be it the painters, Architect, Interior decorators and consumers. This further strengthens our brand commitment towards creating a safer environment and encouraging use of paints.” said Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Vice President of Marketing and Sales (Decorative), Kansai Nerolac.

During the painting process VOC get evaporated in the air causing health risks such as headaches, nausea, respiratory disorders, dizziness, and chest congestion, lung irritation, and burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat amongst others. Kansai Nerolac has been a pioneer in developing healthy and safer paints by introducing lead free paints and further making them low to zero VOC. Their water based emulsion products with NO VOC helps in safeguarding from ill effects of VOC .

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