Kannada film 'Mukhaputa' wins top honours at Ireland film fest

Bangalore : Actor-director Roopa Iyer’s Kannada film “Mukhaputa”, about children suffering from HIV/AIDS, has won the best feature film award at the recently concluded International Film Festival in Ireland and she says juries chose her film because they could feel the emotion throughout the narrative.

“There were films from 34 countries which were jostling for the award. I was very happy to hear why juries chose ‘Mukhaputa’ for the top honour. One speciality of the Ireland film festival is that there you have a special session where judges tell you why they chose a film as the winner. Judges said that they could feel the emotion through my film. They were also impressed with the script and songs,” said Roopa.

The one week long festival concluded Sep 12.

Roopa is also happy that “Mukhaputa” has won the Silver Sierra Best Feature Film in California. The award will be presented Oct 23.

“My film has been nominated for screening in various countries like South Africa, Egypt, Thailand as well as international film festivals such as Swansea Bay (Wales),” said Roopa.

Roopa too features in her award winning film that was premiered here in June 2008. She plays an educated woman who adopts a small girl suffering from HIV/AIDS.

“I have tried to convey that HIV patients need love and not sympathy. I wanted to remove many misconceptions about the disease from the minds of the people. My film’s premiere in Bangalore received a huge reaction from people who could understand the language.

“The film was also screened in Britain in special screening by Kannada Balaga. I was equally pleased when I got similar reactions in many other places and film festivals where I screened the film for audience who did not know Kannada language.

“We have to take care of the HIV positive kids and try to keep them as happy as possible,” said Roopa.

The movie, which is produced by Narayan Hosmane, a cancer specialist in the US, and Roopa, also stars Sanya Iyer, Ananda Theertha, Sumithra and Badri Prasad in leading roles.

Composer Hamsalekha, who has scored music for the film, too makes a special appearance in the film.

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