Kangnai and Draftfcb Search for the New Cinderella

Beijing :Famous Chinese shoe manufacturer Kangnai and Draftfcb have engaged actor and singer Chen Kun to bring his star power to a new brand building campaign that is launching across China.

Kangnai Group Co. Ltd. was established in 1980 and manufactures medium to high range women’s and men’s shoes as well as leather accessories. With more than 2,800 Kangnai retail stores throughout China, the company also exports its products to more than 30 countries and regions including North America, Europe and Asia. Kangnai also owns more than 230 stores in countries such as the USA, France and Italy.

The new campaign will evolve as a search for a modern day Cinderella as Chen Kun plays the part of a contemporary landscape artist who realises he is missing a human element in his paintings. One day on location he briefly glimpses a beautiful lady, but she vanishes and the painting he is working on is eventually put on exhibition as the “Unfinished Painting”.

This sparks a search across China for the missing heroine. Draftfcb is using a 15-second online teaser video to bring young women to the Kangnai website where they are invited to upload their photographs. Once their pictures are on the site, participants can play a short microfilm that will depict them as the heroine that Chen Kun is seeking.

At the finale of the campaign, the winner will feature in a dedicated microfilm about the campaign. She will also become a host on The Travel Channel and will also win an international holiday.

The online campaign is supported by press advertising.

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