JobBuzz Launches its Ad Campaign “It’s Common Sense”

New Delhi : The brand promise of JobBuzz in its launch ad campaign is, “With JobBuzz you will know more about the things that matter the most. Get in-depth information on your industry, check out company reviews, Salary Structure, Interview Questions, Company Rankings and much more to plan a successful career.”

Speaking about the campaign, Vikas Verma, Marketing Head, remarks, “The JobBuzz launch campaign is a hard-hitting clarion call to shake-up young professionals between 18-32 years with the obvious yet rarely used common sense of researching career options before making a commitment.”

“Using memorable mnemonics of the youth’s interest such as Cars, Cinema, Cash, Cricket and Cellphones – this 6 part print campaign features short, sharp shocks, to bring home the point that it is common sense to use JobBuzz and make informed career decisions.” adds Vikas.

JobBuzz is being promoted as a free employee-to-employee community where employees share their experiences about the companies that they have worked for. This information is presented in an aggregated manner to help people make right career decisions. And, because these reviews are written by employees themselves and not by employers, JobBuzz gets the “true inside story” on these companies, which is otherwise quite hard to get.

The premise of JobBuzz is the adage “Information is Power” and JobBuzz gives this as company ratings on multiple parameters, the top reasons to work for that company, the top skills to succeed in that company, recommendations for that company and salary data – all of which are very relevant for a future employee.

“There are many parameters around which career options are evaluated such as work life balance, learning & development, top leadership of the company etc., however, most of the people end up making decisions based on very short term view- for instance, just taking compensation into account. Therefore, we wish to sensitize people to take a holistic cognizance of these factors to ensure a successful & satisfying career.” explains Vikas.

The ads will run both online & mainline print across the nation, including relevant career supplements and websites.

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