Jgar Ma Badi Aag Hai! On Filmy

After the resounding success of shows like Kaun Banega Champu and Bathroom Singer, FILMY now announces the launch of a film based comedy show titled Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai!. The show goes on air on Oct 14, and is slotted for Sundays at 8.30 PM.

The show revolves around six characters who promise to make you roll with laughter with their filmy antics and dialogues. It’s packed with clichéd, yet cult Hindi film dialogues and scenarios, which makes the show a rib-tickling, slapstick comedy.

The story is about three boys Lallan, Raj and Arjun, who live together in Mumbai. Sunil Grover continues to play the character of Lallan in the show, who’s a simpleton from Jaunpur. His only dream in life is to become a super hit ‘Hero’ in Bollywood. Arjun is acted out by Kiku Sharda, the quirky hawaldar from the comedy show FIR. Arjun is obsessed by filmy music and has run away from home to become the next R. D. Burman, but till today has not cracked a single original tune. Raj Rahul Malhotra is played by Krishna Sharma, more known as Krishna of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. In the show, his name is only Raj, but since SRK was always successful wooing a girl when his name was Raj or Rahul, he calls himself – Raj Rahul Malhotra. Claiming to be a fashion photographer, he only ends up shooting pictures at birthday parties and weddings!

Playing Raj and Arjun’s love interest is Pushpa aka Push, played by Shweta Gulati of Remix fame. Though the boys are crazy over her, she has eyes only for Lallan.

But the real surprise package in the show are Neena Gupta and Kanwaljit – back together on screen for the first time after their hit series Saans. Neena Gupta plays the role of the boys’ landlady Sushmita aka Umrao Jaan. She’s earned her title due to her obsession with the fact that if she hadn’t got married, she would’ve played Rekha’s role in the film, as she was screen tested for it! Says Neena Gupta, “The role I’m playing is very different compared to my earlier assignments. The reason I wanted to be a part of this show is that Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai is a tribute to Bollywood. It makes the audiences realize how entertaining Bollywood really is. Through common day to day influence of Hindi films in our life, we are showing the real entertainment value of Hindi cinema.”

Paired opposite Neena is Kanwaljit, who’s character is called IAS – the desire to become an IAS officer has finally been reduced to just his name being that, since he couldn’t make it as one and is currently a librarian. Says Kanwaljit on his pairing with Neena Gupta, “Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai! has given Neena and me the opportunity to work again, but in a completely different format than ever before. Our characters are clearly defined and we will definitely add freshness to the show”.

Says Kiku about his role, “This is something I’m doing for the first time. I have been a Bollywood buff since childhood so I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of this Bollywood based comedy show. I am sure the public will react positively to this show as it is quite different from earlier shows and it is something that they can relate to.”

Shweta Gulati feels, “This is a mad show. It is full of FILMY fun and I hope the audience enjoys it because we are putting in a lot of effort to make it a laughable experience!”

Commenting on the show and the characters, Krishna Sharma adds, “This show is mind-blowing, and it has everything a Bollywood film has – action, emotion and drama, and that is what makes it hilariously funny!”

Speaking about the show Suchita Shah, Supervisor Producer FILMY said, “FILMY has always strived to entertain the masses through innovative Bollywood based programming, be it movie jockeys like Lallan or original software like Kaun Banega Champu, Rokkky’s 99, Bathroom Singer and the recently launch Bollywood Ka Boss. Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai! is a new addition to the bouquet. It’s a situational slapstick comedy, which has only one aim – and that it to make people laugh through its refreshing brand of humour. With clichéd Hindi film dialogues that have become cult over the years, and music and treatment it is 100% filmy, Jigar Ma Badi Aag! could not have been anywhere else but on FILMY!”

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