iVdopiaDebuts InWAP and PreWAP Video Ad Formats in India

New Delhi : Vdopia, the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network, today launched the world’s first HTML5 video and rich media ad formats for the mobile web: InWAP and PreWAPads:

Now for the first time in mobile advertising in India, brand advertisers will have access to the vast number of audiences that access the internet from their mobile web browser viaSmartphones andfeature phones.With this achievement, iVdopia extends its entire suite of HTML5 innovations and now offers the complete mobile video advertising solution: ads served in apps and within WAP.

Up until now, advertisers have been restricted to advertising on WAP sites using only static banners and textual links, which lack the ability to create strong user engagement and interactivity.Bringing its expertise in mobile video advertisingwith HTML5 technology, iVdopia allows advertisers to engage users on WAP sites with dynamic video and interactive rich media ads, including InWAP ad formats –ads that play within the webpage – and PreWAP ad formats –ads that auto-play when a webpage is loaded onto mobile screens.

“We’re extremely excited to launch the first InWAPand PreWAP video and rich media ads for the mobile web in the Indian and US markets.We gauged a huge potential in the India with the growing number of users present on the mobile web, primarily in Tier I & II cities,” said DebaduttaUpadhyaya, Vice President, IndiaatVdopia.“So far, advertising on the mobile web has been more direct response than user engagement focused. Advertisers have been unable to effectively bring users to interact, and text links and static banners averaged 0.1 – 0.2% CTR. Video on the other hand, brings animation, visuals and sound with interaction rates as high as 0.7-0.9%, enhancing user experience. The post-video landing pages go beyond call-to-action and provide a deeper level of brand engagement.”

Mobile advertising (including SMS & display ads) is estimated to be an approximately Rs.150 crore market and the WAP platform comprises nearly 9% of MVAS revenues. With a growing subscriber base and theincreasing availability of GPRS-enabled mobile handsets, the market certainly has a large potential.

“InWAP and PreWAP ads will revolutionize advertising on the mobile web,” said Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer at iVdopia. “For the first time, we have a rich, HTML5 filled, mobile web experience to bring to users across devices and platforms. Combined with the scalability that WAP offers to reach millions of more users than those targeted on apps alone – the user engagement and interactivity that these video and rich media ads bring will be phenomenal!”

The InWAP and PreWAP video ad formats will be served using iVdopia’s HTML5 video ad platform, V5 and will include a variety of animated effects from Future5, its HTML5 ad-authoring tool. InWAP and PreWAP video ads can be combined with the Talk2Me™ landing page, to offer customized engagements for users to share on social media sites, email, view multiple videos, or interact with the brand’s mobile website. All this takes place within the phone’s browser, and the user can opt out anytime from the ad and continue browsing the WAP site.

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