iVdopia Launches HTML5 Video Advertising Platform

New Delhi: iVdopia , has announced the launch of V5, the first HTML5 video platform with the ability to provide unified video ad experience across all devices and Smartphones, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or the Android.

Up until now, advertisers and agencies were required to develop multiple versions and formats of video ad campaigns in order to support viewership on Flash and non-Flash devices – an inefficient and time-consuming process that plagued the industry.

With the V5 solution, iVdopia provides a powerful and easy to use platform that eliminates this laborious process, empowering advertisers and agencies to deliver a single video ad experience that can be served across any device, regardless of it being supported by Flash or not. A “create once, run anywhere” tool, the V5 enables advertisers to overcome the operating system restrictions within the fragmented mobile device market and deliver the most compelling form of video advertising to the rapidly growing number of users across Smartphones.

Moreover, the V5 platform enables media companies, content owners and distributors to deliver ad-supported video content across non-Flash devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

“We’re very excited to introduce this advertising solution to our customers. At iVdopia, we quickly gauged that media companies required monetization strategies that pervaded through multiple platforms and utilized multiple ad formats in order to be successful. On the other hand, brand advertisers demanded real-time, interactive video experiences that were not limited by Flash plug-ins and that played singularly across multiple Smartphone devices”, said Chhavi Upadhyay, Chief Operating Officer, iVdopia. “With the launch of V5, we have extended video advertising to every screen to take advantage of the rapidly growing audience numbers on non-Flash devices,” she adds.

Supporting multiple user engaging features for brand advertisers, the V5 platform will incorporate the HTML5 ad creation capabilities of the Future5 – iVdopia’s ad authoring tool – and launch innovative video ad units in partnership with leading advertisers and agencies.

Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer, iVdopia said, “We’re offering a suite of solutions for advertisers with the V5. Besides offering video as the most user-engaging ad unit to ever take over screens, the V5 is an OS agnostic solution – which is advantageous to advertisers who don’t want to be restricted to just one OS for serving such dynamic video ads! In addition, V5 powered ads are capable of all the unique video and audio effects found in HTML5, without relying on Flash. This is a first-of-its-kind platform that no one’s offered before, and we’re receiving tremendous interest from advertisers and media companies alike to be the exclusive launch partner for V5.”

V5 is iVdopia’s latest entry into the mobile advertising market, an estimated $3.8 billion dollar industry. In March 2009, iVdopia introduced the first mobile ads that let users stay within the application, more than a year before the iAd was scheduled to make that feature available. iVdopia also introduced the first social media ads for mobile with Talk2Me; the first HD advertisements on the iPad; and the Viper Ads, which delivered a new level of user engagement. Most recently, the company introduced Future5, the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution available for the iPhone and iPad .

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