iTale Entertainment Announces the launch of “Commclave 2008”

iTale Entertainment, a media content development firm, incubated by MICA-EDC’s Comcubator, today announced the launch of “Commclave 2008”, a first of its kind initiative in India, by 2 MICAns Rajneesh Bolia & Shahzad Khan, that would bring together the Communication Industry on a single platform. Positioned as a platform for networking amongst Communications Professionals, the event shall bring out the best of wits, imagination, creativity, talent, physical endurance, mental endurance and simple common sense, by giving the communication titans a chance to compete with each other. The Commclave 2008 is slated for November 8th and 9th, 2008 in Ahmedabad and is projected to see participation from Mid Level Professionals from over more than 500 organizations operating within India and abroad. The last date for registration for Commclave is 30th October 2008.

The Commclave 2008 will provide a platform to the participants to share their experiences with the like minded professionals. The event would see a “film appreciation workshop”, aimed at providing the participants insights about the world of cinema and the cultural reflections, followed by a panel discussion which would facilitate exposure to various aspects of important topics in the communications industry. The moderator for the discussion would be Pinaki Dasgupta, Professor IIFT, and ex director, Rediffusion I DYR Pvt. Ltd. The panel discussion will provide a platform for discussions and sessions by internationally renowned panelist on a host of hot topics on communications. The conclave would have various challenging rounds on topics like culture & communications, political campaign, e-marketing etc. The uniqueness of the conclave lies in its unique format structured in a manner that facilitates experience sharing between communications professionals from various communications field like advertising, public relations, publishing houses, media research firms etc.

Commenting on this initiative, Arijeet Sengupta, President, and Ogilvy PR said, “I think the whole communication industry wanted something like this. Events like these are the best platforms for networking. I am looking forward to be there.” Adding to this Mahesh Chauhan, Group CEO, Rediffusion|DYR Pvt Ltd, “This is a fabulous initiative from MICA that fulfils a long felt gap in our industry to bring together mid-level executives in an enriching environment. I am sure it will go a long way in enhancing the potential of people in our industry”.

The two day Communications Conclave will see representation from all those people who make communications possible, communication professionals each catering to specific field of communications, industry experts etc. at the end of the two days rigorous battle a winning team would emerge that would take away a grand prize and a sense of pride of being the “Best amongst the Best”.

iTale Entertainment is a Media Content Development firm started by two MICAns, Rajneesh Bolia & Shahzad Khan. The firm was registered in June 2008 and has been incubated by MICA-EDC’s Comcubator. iTale aims to become the most respected and admired entertainment company. iTale Entertainment’s mission is to specialize in the creation, production and promotion of cross-cutting, innovative entertainment formats which creatively blend the rich cultural heritage of India and the ethos of a rapidly shrinking World, with a focus on the relevance, freshness and richness of their content.

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