IRS Q4 :Radio City Registers high growth in South Gujarat markets

Mumbai : Radio City 91.1 FM has emerged out shining in the IRS limelight in the Q4 results. Across all markets, Radio City is the only FM station to have shown incredible growth despite de-growth in the category. Radio City has shown unparalleled growth in Gujarat and South markets. Over all Radio City 91.1 FM continues to be in the top 2 radio stations in India.

Radio City has grown by 22% in Gujarat with a commendable 43% increase in Ahmedabad. Radio City has grown by 8.1% in South with a whopping 30% increase in Hyderabad. In Lucknow too Radio City 91.1 FM continues to dominate by being consistent number 1. Pune has also shown laudable growth with a whopping increase from Q3 by 28%.Other key cities that showed growth are Surat, Vadodara, Chennai and Solapur.

Commenting on the results, Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City 91.1 FM, said, “We are very pleased with the IRS results. Radio City has out grown the category across all operating stations. Our focus has been on understanding and catering to the needs of the listeners. We have managed to constantly provide the right mix of good music, exciting content. It was only natural that we bucked the trend of de-growth. We are sure that with the hardwork put in, going forward, we would only see a further improvement.”

In the given quarter, Radio City conducted various activities like – South: Navula Don, Sirrupu Don; Pune – Ganpati and Dahi Handi; Lucknow & Delhi – One Ka Fun & City Ka Super Singer; Mumbai – City Ka Ultimate Gaana, Vodafone Ganpati Visarjan Dekho Aasman Se and Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi Concert. Radio City has always offered many such innovative solutions that help clients achieve their marketing objectives, with the recent increase in listenership, the offerings and innovations will continue to increase.

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