iPromote.com Opens Door to Simple, Automated Internet Display Advertising

In this time of economic uncertainty, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to advertise their products and services. iPromote.com recently introduced a service that gives any website owner the power to quickly and easily promote products, events or services to millions of Internet users.

“Most businesses have invested significant resources designing and creating the content on their website,” says Michael Barr, CEO. “However, many do not have the time or resources to create and manage display ads to bring people to these sites. Our product makes this possible for someone with a budget as small as $5 per day. It really puts the power of display advertising in the users’ hands.”

iPromote enables users to easily access display advertising on a cost-per-click basis, the same way they have been using search ads. With iPromote, users get tens of thousands of ad views but only pay when people are delivered to their site, making it easy to measure the success of their campaigns. Unlike search-based text ads, iPromote’s graphical display ads proactively drive people to designated websites. iPromote makes this possible by utilizing several patent-pending technologies that eliminate the costs associated with developing creative assets, buying ad space, and serving ads.

iPromote’s local to global solution geo-targets ads to any region: city, state, country, or worldwide. Users can promote a business in the surrounding areas where their customers reside or on a national level to help them expand. Using real-time reporting, advertisers can see exactly when and where their ads are the most effective and concentrate future advertising and promotion efforts in those areas.

iPromote also partners with websites to enable them to offer display advertising directly to their members. Enterprise partners generate an incremental revenue stream and increase traffic back to their website when their users start an iPromote advertising campaign. Implementation is easy and partners receive a revenue share from iPromote.

iPromote, a division of 2Kdirect, operates offices in San Luis Obispo, California and New York, New York. Their services provide a simple way for small businesses and individuals to advertise on the Internet. Their professional quality multimedia display banners and serving technology significantly reduce the overall time and expense of Internet advertising.

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