ioWorld Media Signs Distribution Agreement With Geodesic

ioWorld Media has announced a distribution agreement with Geodesic to provide presets for all radioIO Channels on an upcoming release of Geodesic’s popular “MUNDU” product. Through this agreement Geodesic has agreed to pay the Company a fixed fee for access to its content package. Further, the distribution agreement contemplates an aggressive advertising program that will provide significant additional revenue to the Company.

MUNDU is a comprehensive instant messaging platform and application enabling real-time collaboration between social network members across public wireless networks on web enabled desktop and mobile phones. The particular version of MUNDU that will feature radioIO is being created for IDEA Cellular, and will put the radioIO brand and channels on millions of cellular devices in less that a year.

IDEA Cellular is India’s leading GSM Mobile Services operator, with a customer base of 17 million users. IDEA Cellular’s footprint currently covers approximately 45% of India’s population and over 50% of the potential telecom-market of India.

“We have been exploring relationships in the wireless space for some time now and are very excited with our new distribution partner Geodesic,” commented Mike Roe, Founder of “We believe that the future of radio is internet radio, and the future of the internet is wireless. This distribution partnership is in keeping with these beliefs.”

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