InWAP and PreWAP Ads Go Social

iVdopia’s HTML5 Video and Rich Media Ad Formats InWAP and PreWAP are poised to expand airG’smobile advertising opportunities India, New Delhi, December 13th 2010– iVdopia , the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network and airG , the world’s leading mobile social entertainment provider, today announced a partnership to bring InWAP and PreWAP mobile video advertising solutions to airG’smobile social entertainment products.

airGhasreached more than 50 million unique users worldwide and is interconnected to more than 100 mobile operators and media companies. This collaboration allows airG to incorporate iVdopia’s InWAP and PreWAP video and rich media ads for the first time on the mobile web, optimizing for maximum ad revenue and fill across its social entertainment products. With video and rich media ads having never been done before on the mobile web, iVdopia’s InWAP and PreWAP ads open up an entire avenue of monetizable inventory for publishers.

“When you combine iVdopia’s rich media and video interstitials with airG’sglobal audience and demographic targeting, we are able to achieve our goal of delivering relevant and engaging advertising to consumers,” said DejanMirkovic, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development, airG. “iVdopia’s premium InWAP and PreWAP video and rich media advertising formats delivers real value to our end users.”

Using their proprietary V5 platform HTML5 technology, iVdopia lets mobile web users engage with dynamic video and interactive rich media ads, without ever leaving the website – including InWAP ad formats – full-screen videos, expandable banners and rich media ads that play within the webpage – and PreWAP ad formats – video and rich media ads that auto-play when a webpage is loaded onto mobile screens. Delivering Flash-like video ads with HTML5 brings incredible user engagement, industry-leading eCPM rates and maximum revenue for mobile web publishers.

“airG is the first among many mobile web publishers who have expressed interest in increasing their mobile advertising opportunities through our InWAP and PreWAP video ads. airG powers one of the largest communities on mobile phones for millions of people across the world,” said Chhavi Upadhyay, COO, iVdopia. “Combined with premium video and rich media WAP ad formats from iVdopia, our high-performance mobile video solutions powerfully convey relevant advertising to airG users, enabling airG to increase the volume and scalability of its entire mobile web inventory.”

InWAP and PreWAP video ads can also be combined with the Talk2Me landing page to offer customized engagements for users to share on social media sites, email, view multiple videos, or interact with the brand’s WAP site. All this takes place within the phone’s browser, and the user can opt out anytime from the ad and return to browsing the mobile web.

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