Investigation Discovery to air ‘Disappeared’

23339 Portraits of John and Sharon Peebles. Marketing Originals.ID- Investigation Discovery, brings intriguing stories of people who vanish without leaving any traces in its new series Disappeared. A riveting and compelling series, Disappeared offers viewers the insight behind people going missing suddenly and unexpectedly.

The new series investigates the disappearance of victims, who are here one minute, gone the next. Each episode focuses on one victim’s story, as told through the perspectives and actual voices of their closest friends and family and the investigators are trying to solve the case.

Sharing details about the new series, Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager – South Asia & South East Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said ”ID continues to offer distinctive stories on crime, mystery and investigation. Disappeared unfolds the clues and dark secrets hidden beneath mystery of missing people who left behind anguished families with unanswered questions and heartbreaking memories.”

Each episode of Disappeared, recollects the actions, thoughts, circumstances and motivations that led to each person’s disappearance by  interviewing families, friends, police, and investigators. Viewers will experience the thrill of victim’s final hours until they vanished.
Watch interviews with experts, from psychologists to forensic specialists to psychics, who will offer new insights into what may have happened in each case, whether the person was a victim of foul play or a runaway.

Disappeared will take you inside the world of the missing, investigators race against the clock to solve a mystery, and the victim’s anguished family and friends are left to wonder what in the world could have happened.


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