Intex Technologies to launch Rs 15 crore new marketing campaign

Intex Technologies (India) Ltd is in the process of reviewing the creative business of its entire portfolio. According to the company, the need for a change in agency arose due to an increase in the company’s product portfolio.

The incumbent agency is Mumbai-based Palasa Inc, which has been handling the account for one and half years.

Naved Chaudhary, Senior Marketing Manage, Intex Technologies, explained, “The growth of the brand Intex has been phenomenal and has traversed a long distance in 13 years. So, in order to induce more fuel to drive this growth, we have decided to induct a fresh agency for creative duties on board. In order to do justice to the portfolio and looking at a larger objective to acquire market share in respective categories, there is a need to induce fresh thinking and creative minds to take larger objectives forward.”

On the communication strategy, Chaudhary said, “The communication has to be strategy driven, post-visualising long term impacts and aligning this with sales is the prime concern. We want to start the next fiscal with a new team on board and taking Intex forward,” he added.

Chaudhary added, “No creative house has been called for so far, but we are open for teams that can drive the brand Intex to great heights. The fresh agency is expected to come on board by April 1, 2009. We are looking at an agency which has nurtured brands in the IT consumer domain.”

Chaudhary revealed that the annual marketing budget was in the region of Rs 15 crore, which was spent across product lines with the maximum share going to print and BTL activities.

The new marketing campaign would have a 360-degree approach, with mediums like online and web applications high on the agenda.

Chaudhary commented on new product launches, “We have also launched mobile phones, which have been doing fairly well and currently, we have more than 10 models. The operations would go pan-India in next fiscal and most of the media spends would happen in this domain. Apart from this, we have product launches happening in peripherals, electronics and PC category”.

Source:Bombay Adclub

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