Intervention for Safe Repatriation of 5 Trafficked girls from Malaysia Sought

Public Affair National Secretary of All India Christian Council Dr. Sam Paul led a delegation to Malaysian High Commission, New Delhi and National Commission for Women today to seek the urgent intervention for safe repatriation of five North East trafficked girls in Malaysia.

The delegation includes New Delhi based Human Rights Activist Madhu Chandra, who is also the Regional Secretary of All India Christian Council and Spokes Person of North East Support Centre & Helpline along with Advocate Ms. Lansinglu Rongmei, the President of North East Support Centre & Helpline.

National Commission for Women assured to seek help from the Ministry of External Affair to look into the matter and act accordingly. Malaysian High Commission has also assured the delegation to do all possible after hearing from the Indian counter part.

NE Support Centre & Helpline has contacted the Christian pastor under whose care; the five trafficked girls have taken shelter in Kuala Lampur. NE Support Centre & Helpline is reported of their safe under the care of pastor and his family.

One of the victims told NE Support Centre & Helpline over the phone tonight, “I and my four friends from Manipur were taken to Singapore with the promise of job and latter taken to Kuala Lampur by the agents and forced to work in a bar illegally.” She further says, “We managed to escape from the clutches of those agents who have trafficked us and we went to Indian High Commission at Kuala Lampur to seek help but the Commission asked the pastor to keep us under his shelter.”

Earlier, the Outer Manipur constituency MP, Mani Charanamei has written to External Minister Shri. Parnab Mukherjee about those trafficked girls and sought help from the ministry.In connection to the alarming issue of human trafficking, targeting the young women from different parts of North East India, Madhu Chandra says, “The public of the region, particularly the youngsters and guardians must be sensitized about different groups and individuals offering the easy jobs and make ascertain of their genuiness.”

Lansinglu Rongmei also urged the state governments of North Eastern States to alert the public awareness and security machineries to take up steps to prevent from further human trafficking.Dr. Sam Paul urged the Malaysian High Commission to keep loop on those agencies operating human trafficking in different cities and towns of North Eastern states. “Other South Asia High Commissions in India will also be alerted about human trafficking agents based in the region,” says Dr. Paul.

North East Support Centre & Helpline is combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to women, North East People and tribal communities of different states.

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