Integrated Indian Phone Directory Soon, TRAI Issues Consultation paper

Telephone Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Monday issued a consultation paper on terms and conditions for publication of integrated telephone directory for fixed line telephones and National Integrated Directory Enquiry Service. Directory services are largely unavailable today for fixed line telephones and for mobile services provided by the private operators.

The directory enquiry service is provided by the incumbent operator BSNL,MTNL for fixed line telephones on 197 for local number enquiry and 1583 for national enquiry. Presently, the printed directory is also provided only by BSNL. However, in the present muti-operator scenario integrated directory services are required. In this regard TRAI had submitted its recommendations to the Government on directory services on 5th May, 2005.

The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) have considered these recommendations and has opined that the incumbent operator may publish the integrated telephone directory for fixed line telephones at Secondary Switching Area (SSA) level and it should be appropriately priced. The supply of telephone directory in the form of CD-ROM could be an alternative to the willing customers. The fixed line operators may also maintain their directories on their websites.

In the case of mobile customers, there may not be a printed directory. For directory enquiry services, there should be National Integrated Directory Enquiry Service containing both fixed and mobile telephones (both pre-paid and post-paid) to be managed by a separate agency.
DOT has sought the terms and conditions for (i) Secondary Switching Area (SSA)-wise Integrated Printed Telephone Directory for fixed line telephones including detailed guidelines on the printing of directory, charges to be paid by service providers, number of copies etc. for publishing of telephone directory; and (ii) National Integrated Directory Enquiry Service for fixed and mobile telephones, including issue of determination & guidelines to service providers.

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