Integer Launches New Agency Practice

The Integer Group(R), one of the largest promotional and retail marketing agencies in the United States,announced today that they are restructuring the agency to offer Digitail (TM) services to their clients. Digitail (TM) makes Integer a one-stop-shop by combining an expertise in retail promotions and digital solutions that will focus on retail/packaging e-promotions, digital commerce consulting and digital communications.

Online promotions are estimated to triple over the next five years, eventually reaching $22.8 billion. Integer(TM) recognizes the need to influence shopping behavior by utilizing a suite of digital communication technologies that are rapidly emerging and invading the traditional brick and mortar retail media space.

Integer’s Interactive/CRM and Promotions Management departments will now be merged into one group managed by Senior Vice President and Digital Czar, Morgan McAlenney.

“Integer is in a unique position to integrate 15 years of retail experience with our digital solutions,” said McAlenney. “We can help our clients create a holistic shopping experience that connects with consumers before, during, and after their purchase, while maintaining consistent brand messaging.”

As part of the Digitail (TM) practice, 100 key agency business leaders will guide clients to strategic solutions that help them and their brands adapt to the future of retailing. These individuals have an expertise in promotions, retail engagement, retailer activation, digital consumer engagement, technology execution, and data analytics.

“Digital engagement — prior to either a brick-and-mortar or online purchase — has a significant impact on shopper behavior,” said Marc Ducnuigeen, President, Integer Denver. “Combining digital and retail under one service offering will help our clients avoid the awkward hand-off between agencies, while providing a seamless approach to create a dramatic impact on their brands and consumers.”

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