Innovative Outdoor Campaign Helps Idea Cellular to Pitch Punjab

Platinum Outdoor, the OOH leg of Madison Media has successfully pitched Idea cellular services in Punjab. The campaign , according to a Platinum Outdoor release , was planned and executed in 72 cities in Punjab.

The role of outdoor advertising agency was to create rapid awareness as well as build a visual field across media to create an all-round impact innovatively, keeping in mind the media limitations in Punjab, especially Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. In another hoarding, several ‘Yes-Yes’ were arranged in the form of a bridge. Timed neons were used to light up each ‘Yes’, one at a time.

The overnight brand transition from Spice to Idea was a challenge for Platinum Outdoor, but the idea was executed very well within the expected timelines.
Innovation was the key to breaking the clutter for the brand launch. Thus innovative outdoor was effectively used to grab eyeballs.

The outdoor comprised three different innovations. First, a 3D motorised windmill innovation was created on Idea’s hoarding, promoting windmill projects. The hoarding read, “For the people, by the people”, along with an image of brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan holding a mobile handset, displaying the Idea service. The windmill was attached to a motor and rotated like a real one. The movement ensured eyeballs for the brand and helped the brand ‘breeze’ into the state.

Idea Cellular service ( Spice) was launched in Punjab on December 19, 2008, and outdoor was a their key element to communicate the evolved ‘Idea’ in the progressive telecom service circle of that state.

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