INMA World Congress To Confront Issues Facing Newsmedia Companies

The 79th Annual INMA World Congress being held in May 13-15, 2009, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami under the theme of “Converting Bandwidth to Innovation.”

“This year’s World Congress will confront the challenging environment newspapers globally find themselves in,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director of INMA. We are far beyond ‘selling harder,’ ‘marketing smarter,’ and ‘producing more’. How do newsmedia companies derive value from media assets while simultaneously transforming the business model? How are technology and the economy changing reader needs? What is the recovery plan for advertising?”.

The INMA World Congress will bring non-traditional solutions to the programme – looking across industries, horizontally across newspaper operations, and internationally to newsmedia companies that are growing audience, advertising, and brand in a tough economic environment, Wilkinson said.

The Miami conference is expected to attract hundreds of senior executives from newsmedia companies around the world charged with horizontal management across vertical silos. That includes chief executives, general managers, chief marketing officers, chief editors, innovation/change managers, and strategy managers.

The International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA) is the world’s leading provider of global best practices and marketing ideas for newspaper companies looking to grow amid profound market change. With more than 1,100 members in 82 countries worldwide, INMA produces magazines, newsletters, conferences, reports, awards competitions, and other services to harvest the world’s best ideas to grow audience, revenue, brand, and profitability for newspaper companies. Based in Dallas, the association has offices in New Delhi and Antwerp.

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